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Tri-Star Basketball

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The Haysville Optimist Club Tri-Star Basketball competition is an annual event held every January, usually the week before the Super Bowl. It is a competition that consists of three separate events:  Passing, dribbling, and shooting. 

Passing - Contestants throw 3 chest passes and 3 bounce passes at a target on the wall. The distance is determined by age group.

Dribbling - Each contestant dribbles the basketball through a course of traffic cones. This is a timed event; the fastest time is worth the most points. 

Shooting - Contestants shoot 3 free throws and then 3 shots from anywhere on the court. The distances from the free throw line are determined by age groups in this event too. 

Our club has sponsored this event for 14 years, and both girls and boys participate. Our age groups are 8 & 9, 10 & 11, and 12 & 13. Results are tallied at the end of the day and prizes are awarded to the winners of each age group. This year's competition was held at the Haysville Activity Center. This is always a real fun event. Real competitiveness abounds on the floor. Oh, those elusive hoops!


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